Who We Are

Our Philosophy for Healthy Weight Loss

The Wharton Medical Clinic, led by Dr. Sean Wharton, specializes in evidence-based medical management of obesity. Our clinic focuses on MEDICAL interventions such as medication and bariatric surgery to help patients manage weight and work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Group of health care providers from various ethnic backgrounds

Our Goal for Our Patients

Our goal for our patients is to help find their best weight—a weight at which they are able to enjoy their best life with the interventions that are available to them.

Opportunities to Participate in Clinical Trials

Because of Dr. Wharton’s strong commitment to improving the knowledge of both healthcare providers and patients in the management of obesity, research is an important part of his work. Patients at the clinic may have the opportunity to participate in these research projects, either actively by enrolling in a trial or passively, by consenting to have anonymized versions of their treatment data used for research. By participating in these projects, patients may also receive access to additional care or treatment, such as medications, at no additional cost, and be contributing to improving the management of obesity.

Illustration of Dr. Sean Wharton

Expert Leadership and Knowledge in the Field of Weight Management

Research in the field of obesity has dramatically increased in recent years and continues to evolve. Dr. Sean Wharton is a pioneer in the obesity medicine field. He is the lead author of the Canadian Obesity Guidelines, published in the CMAJ in 2020, and has co-led other research that has substantially pushed the understanding of obesity forward. Our multi-disciplinary team, led by Dr. Wharton, uses current research and medical knowledge to improve patient health by treating obesity, decreasing cardiovascular risk factors and implementing strategies that lead to healthier lives.