Private Food Addiction Program

*This program is an independent food addiction program offered by counsellor Sandra Elia and is not affiliated with the Wharton Medical Clinic

90-Day Program with Sandra Elia, Food Addiction Counselor*

Why Love Matters in Weight Loss program will give you the daily support, accountability, and guidance that you need to repair your relationship with yourself, your body, and your food.

Through daily interactions, connections, and inspiring talks given by experts in the field of weight management, you’ll have a new sense of energy and inner strength that will serve you in a big way.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Daily Support:
    • A morning video from Sandra with instructions for the specific day.
    • An evening video where Sandra will share her spirutal teachings for the day.
  • Weekly Facebook Live–to build community and celebrate success.
  • Weekly expert interviews from top obesity doctors and experts that you would normally never have access to.
  • Cooking lessons to create your favourite meals in the healthiest ways.
  • Identify and celebrate non-scale victories!
Sandra Elia instructing a class

Not another diet!

This program will repair your relationship with food and restore sanity and peace with eating.

90-Day Program for only $119!