What will happen during your first appointment?

Collecting Patient Information

You will have the option of weighing yourself on the clinic scale if you are being seen in person, or you can provide a weight from your home scale before meeting with one of our bariatric educators. Providing a weight to the clinic is based on your comfort level and/or what treatment options that might be recommended. The bariatric educator will confirm the information you provide on your intake form and ask questions related to your medical history, any medications you may be taking, as well as any obesity-related conditions you are experiencing, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Please be sure to bring your health card with you along with a list of your medications.

Talking Nutrition

The educator will go over some initial nutrition recommendations and discuss how patients can use the Canada Food Guide’s healthy plate model to create balanced meals that meet all their dietary needs.

Please note: Patients will NOT be provided with an individualized meal plan but will be given the tools they need to incorporate these dietary changes into their lives.

Building a Community

Patients will also be given information on the different types of group classes offered by the clinic and how they can sign up for them. A variety of topics are covered by these classes, but can include more information on the healthy plate model, or provide information on how to develop a healthier relationship with food.

Overweight woman with walker smiling at a medical professional

Finding the Correct Treatment

Once the bariatric educator has explained everything, a physician will review the patient’s medical history and medications. The physician will discuss treatment options with the patient, including the possibility of new medications and referral for bariatric surgery, if the necessary criteria are met. Patients may be prescribed treatment or, if they prefer, they can consider their choices before returning for their next visit.

Please note: As with any medical condition, the cost of medications prescribed is the responsibility of the patient.