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your best weight

At the clinic we will focus on achieving your “best weight”. The “best weight” is the weight you are able to achieve while living the healthiest lifestyle you can.


Patient Education The educational aspect of our clinic is unmatched. We understand that our patients are in need of our helping hand and scientific apprach. Ask about our free educational series.

Our Multi disciplinary Team
Our team of Medical Doctors, Dietitians, Nutritionist and caring staff will approach your diabetes and weight concerns  with compassion.

mission top

Our Mission

The Wharton Medical Clinic will assess and treat overweight and obese patients, and diabetic patients. A multi-disciplined team will use methods that are proven through evidence based medicine and approved by the Canadian Practice Guidelines for Obesity, and the Canadian Diabetes Association Guidelines.

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philosophy cover

Our Philosophy

The clinic’s goal is to improve health, by treating obesity and diabetes and decreasing cardiovascular risk factors, such as high blood pressure, and high cholesterol and improving the knowledge base of patients to enable them to implement strategies to deal with their chronic conditions.


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about obesity cover

Obesity and diabetes are complex diseases that require ongoing research.  The Wharton Medical Clinic conducts both obesity and diabetes research.

Treatments includes: Multidisciplinary team approach to assessment and treatment, lifestyle and dietary counseling and modification, exercise recommendations, medications, metabolic surgery as needed and referral to services as needed, including psychological counseling.

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