Your Visits

Approximately 2-10 business days after being referred to the clinic, a patient can expect to receive a call from our office to book an initial consult appointment. Upon arriving, each patient is required to fill out an information package outlining their medical and weight history.

Each time a patient visits the WMC, they will have their weight, height, and blood pressure taken. They will then attend a small group education session led by a Bariatric Educator (Nutritionist) followed by an individual consult with a bariatric educator (BE) and a physician.

Visit 1 – Your Initial Consult – approximate length is 1 to 1.5 hours:
  • 1) Complete medical history questionnaire
  • 2) Initial measurements of weight, height, waist/hip circumference, blood pressure
  • 3) Group information session outlining basic program information
  • 4) Individual meeting with a BE and a physician

Diagnostic testing – each patient will be assessed on their first visit by an Internal Medicine physician to determine what diagnostic tests will be required to complete baseline medical information. This will vary depending on the individual.

Visit 2 – Educational group session followed by an individual session with a BE and physician. Emphasis will be on the review of food diaries and test results.

Visit 3 – Educational group session focusing on introduction of the meal plan, followed by individual session with BE and physician

Visit 4 and forward – Educational group session with individual BE and medical follow up with the physician.

You can expect to be at the clinic for about ½ hour to 1 hour, for all follow up appointments.

The WMC program does not have an official end point. We understand that weight management is a lifelong process and, for many people, requires ongoing support. We continue to see patients even after they have reached their goals and begin to work on weight maintenance.