Team Approach

Diabetes is a lifelong condition. One of the most important tools for diabetes patients is advice and education. At times you will have questions or problems that you are unable to manage on your own. At the Wharton Medical Clinic (WMC) we apply a team approach.

Our goals are to:

  • 1. Improve blood sugar levels
  • 2. Prevent or treat complications of diabetes

Your team will consist of:

At the WMC, you will see Internal Medicine Specialists and Endocrinologists. These physicians are responsible for the review and assessment of your medical history, medications, test results and your appropriateness for the program. The physicians will provide treatments for your medical conditions and help you achieve blood sugar control.

Your Diabetes Nurse Educator and Registered Dietitian will teach you about diabetes, blood glucose monitoring, medications, insulin, and lifestyle changes. Your Nutritionist will guide you and your family towards adopting healthy eating patterns.


YOU the patient are the most important part of your team.