Program Components


Gradual weight loss through healthy lifestyle changes will produce long-lasting results not only in terms of pounds lost – you’ll also feel better. The Wharton Medical Clinic is dedicated to educating Canadians about eating healthy and understanding how to balance their diet.

We will guide you through a number of tips that help you to achieve your goal of healthy nutrition. In most cases, this requires caloric restriction and the balancing of macronutrients.

Meal planning is done under the guidance of a bariatric educator who meets with you at regular intervals both in a group and individual settings.

Educational classes and one-on-one sessions will teach you to adapt your dietary intake and provide the necessary structure and accountability to manage your weight.


Physical activity is an important component of weight management. The physician will provide guidelines for physical activity based on an initial assessment. At the clinic, our goal is to have patients find an activity that they enjoy, and to incorporate this activity into their routine on a regular basis, as much as they are able to for lifelong success.

Physical activity whether in the form of structured exercise or more walking is not only beneficial for weight management, but can also improve circulation, reduce stress and build physical and mental stamina.

The aim is to reduce health risks, improve quality of life and have patients increase physical activity as much as they are able to while still enjoying life.


The physicians at the clinic will dictate all treatment goals for you. They will complete a history and physical exam as part of your weight management treatment plan.

Based on the assessment, the MD will decide if further diagnostic testing is required to rule out other causes of increased weight or to investigate if increased weight has affected an organ system.

Co-morbidities (high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, etc) are addressed by the physician treating you.

Strategies can focus on preventing further weight gain rather than on weight loss. In most cases a caloric deficit will be prescribed to assist with weight loss. At each visit you will be monitored to ensure your meal plan targets remain appropriate.