Pediatric Weight Management Clinic

The Program:

The Pediatric Weight Management Program will involve group and individual sessions in an community based setting. Patients and their family/caregiver/guardian will meet with nutritionists, also called Bariatric Educators, and a Pediatrician at each visit to the clinic.

The Bariatric Educator will discuss meal plan education and support behavioural changes under the guidance of the Pediatrician.

The Pediatrician will diagnose and treat relevant medical conditions associated with elevated weight.

Together the team will develop an individualized weight management plan for each patient. The goal is to help children and adolescents improved their health and quality of life.

Studies have demonstrated improved health outcomes when BOTH parents and children attend a multidisplinary program. It is recommended that the parents of the patient attend the adult weight management program. Both programs are dedicated to helping children and families reach healthy lifestyle goals, while also promoting healthy growth and development.

New Patients:

Patients must be referred by their primary care provider or pediatrician.
The referring MD must complete the Referral Form and fax it to the clinic.