Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How do I get referred?

    The WMC requires a referral to our program from a physician.  Your family doctor or specialist may already have referral forms for us, but if not you can see our referral page to download the form, or stop into one of our locations to pick up a paper copy.

  • Question: Is there a cost to this program?

    The WMC program is covered through OHIP, there are no out of pocket costs to the individual.

  • Question: How much weight can I expect to lose?

    WMC is medical clinic that advocates for improvements in a patients overall health. We do not focus on weight, but on the complications from elevated weight. There is no expectation of weight loss, there is primarily a focus on improved health.

  • Question: What is the basis of the meal plan?

    The WMC meal plan is based on using Canada's food guide plate as a tool to balance meals and snacks. We do not provide meal plans outlining specific food choices, but rather allow patients to select their own foods based on taste, religious requirement, and allergy/intolerance restrictions.

  • Question: Do you do surgery?

    The WMC provides full service care for weight management and diabetes, including lifestyle modification, medication and surgery. We do not do surgery at the clinic, surgery is done at academic hospital centres in Ontario.

    We advocate and recommend surgery for patients that fit the criteria. Bariatric surgery is the gold standard treatment for many patients suffering from the complications of obesity.

  • Question: Who qualifies for this program?

    The Wharton Medical Clinic also has a pediatric program in which all children under the age of 18 can be referred with no specific criteria. Please click here to download the referral from that best suits you. Patients can download and take to their family physician to assist with the referral process.

  • Question: What is the wait time?

    After we receive your referral from your physician, a patient can expect a 6-12 month wait time to be seen for their initial appointment.

  • Question: What is a Bariatric Educator?

    A bariatric educator is one of the WMC team members who meets with patients to assist them in their weight management.  They are trained in the knowledge surrounding the care of a bariatric patient and are responsible for providing the nutritional education and follow up for all of WMC patients.

    Bariatric Educators at the WMC have their undergraduate degree in nutrition or in a similar health related program. Similar to a diabetic educator who educates diabetic patients, bariatric educators provide education to patients struggling with increased weight.  Bariatric Educators are not qualified to advise on any medical issues, including your personal medical history, medication use, and/or test results.

  • Question: What kind of specialists are the physicians at the WMC?

    Physicians working with the Wharton Medical Clinic are all Internal Medicine Specialists. Most physicians also practice in other areas of expertise such as Critical Care, Cardiology, etc. Many physicians also work at community hospitals. All of the physicians have been trained and mentored by Dr. Wharton in Bariatric Medicine.

  • Question: How long have you been open?

    The WMC has been open since 2007. The founder of the program, Dr. Sean Wharton has been working in the obesity field since 2005.