Clinical Research

At the clinic we are actively involved in collaborative research with various universities and hospitals in regards to the medical advancements and treatments of obesity. We continue to improve the program as new research provides more information on the complexity of obesity.

Clinical research is one way that the clinic works with our patients to advance the field of obesity medicine:

Why participate in trials?

Patients who participate in clinical research are helping to advance a field of medicine that affects them personally. New treatments or improvements on existing treatments cannot be made without the many world-wide volunteers who participate in these trials.

Volunteers often choose to participate because they value the opportunity to contribute to these advancements. Some volunteers may participate in a study that ensures access to new treatments that are not yet marketed or to existing treatments that are otherwise costly. Other volunteers may be frustrated by their current treatments and looking for new options.

In all cases, patients are followed closely by the study physician who regularly checks in on their health and investigates any changes. All volunteers are given full disclosure regarding any risks and benefits prior to any research conduct and may withdraw at any time for any reason.

"We are always looking for diabetic patients for a variety of studies involving new or existing treatments. Other research studies may also be available. Please contact the study coordinator for more information."

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