About The Physicians & Staff

All physicians working at the clinic are Internal Medicine Specialists. This is very important for your family doctor to know, especially if you are part of a Family Health Team. No patients are seen by Family Doctors at our clinic.

Meet Our Team

Since opening in 2007, our dedicated team has successfully assisted patients in achieving and sustaining their weight loss goals. This success can be attributed to our multi-disciplinary team of physicians, dietitians, nutritionists, counsellors, technicians and administrators who understand the complexity of obesity.

Our support staff will do their best to ensure your time with us is as accommodating as possible.

Meet our Nutritionists /Bariatric Educators

Our Bariatric Educators (BE)s are trained Nutritionists who provide education and dietary support. The BEs meet individually with all patients to assist in the assessment, development, implementation and evaluation of a patient’s weight management program.

Under the supervision of the physician, the BE provides the appropriate education to increase the knowledge, skills and competencies of the bariatric patient.

Meet our Support Staff

Our team of receptionists and assistants are professional, courteous and helpful, and are there to help navigate your experience at the WMC.

Our support staff will make their best effort to ensure your time with us is as accommodating and smooth as possible.